Artifacts Unearthed in Egypt

Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities

Date: 28-07-2020

Source: Quoting Egypt Today 

Archeologists of the Supreme Council of Antiquities have unearthed a number of carved stone blocks and monuments, during the work of rescue excavations that the council started inside a piece of land, about 2 km southeast of Mit-Rahina owned by a citizen, as part of the construction of a project in the region.
Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the rescue excavations mission found a number of antique blocks and sculptures of pink and black granite and limestone dating back to the era of King Ramses II. This is in addition to some blocks of limestone dating back to the Coptic era, which indicates the reuse of the area in later ages.
Waziri stressed that immediately that once signs of archaeological evidence were unveiled in the region, the council began the work of rescue excavations mission. He further pointed out that the archaeological rescue mission discovered a statue of King Ramses II accompanied by two deities and a number of different statues of deities such as Sekhmet, Ptah and Hathor.
Rescue work will continue until all the archaeological remains and artifacts are uncovered.

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