About Archiqoo

Archiqoo is a cultural and interactive website that provides information about archaeological sites. The website, which currently includes 3067 sites spread across 30 countries, relies on a very smooth and simple way to present its contents. It is also bilingual (Arabic and English) in order to be available to a larger audience.

Archiqoo aims to spread the heritage of human civilization, encourage visiting and highlighting the importance of preserving archaeological sites.

Archiqoo believes that protecting the environment is a protection for humanity and a guarantee for its future. Therefore, he was keen to list the natural sites and habitats scattered in the concerned countries to highlight their natural beauty and confirm the environmental role they play for the future of this planet. In this context, he affirms that the relationship between the environment and man must be an ideal and harmonious relationship in which resources and needs are balanced in order to achieve environmental sustainability. It is also a relationship in which everyone works to protect and preserve vital natural, marine and terrestrial habitats and restore them to their original state before human intervention.

In the future, Archiqoo seeks to turn into a scientific platform that contains everything related to all archaeological sites around the world. This can be achieved by expanding the contents and adding academic research. These research will serve as a documented reference for everyone interested in Archaeology.

Founder's Message

The human heritage has always been the link that hides deeply in the roots of the present and works to shape its appearance and demarcate all its features, as authenticity is an integral part of the peoples’ present, while the past is their first step towards the future and the solid foundation for everything that will come and happen.

Since the past is preserved in the conscience of peoples, the archaeological monuments are the embodiment of this past in all its aspects and properties and preserving them is a human duty and an inevitable necessity imposed by conscience and responsibility.

To achieve this goal, we must first build knowledge and enhance experiences about archaeological sites, and then expand on explaining the features of human civilizations witnessing those sites with all their material and cultural elements.

Perhaps Archiqoo’s contribution to this field, albeit modest, delineates the features of the road, shows aspects of the path, and guides generations to the heritage of their ancestors, hoping that its resonance will serve as a look from them to the past that they can use to build the present and the future.

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