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Tele-Nugar Iron Mines


Tele-Nugar Iron Mines

Tele-Nugar Iron Mines is an archaeological site located in the village of Tele-Nugar in Guéra Region in Chad. Mines at this site were discovered in 1911 and are believed to have been in operation from ancient times until the 19th century AD. The site was used as an iron mine and iron smelting workshop. The site is characterized by the presence of several ventilation holes that allowed the miners to obtain air and light while working. Among the remains at the site are the walls of the iron smelting furnace, the jars used to store the water, pottery shards and slag heaps. In the past, the site also served as a refuge for the inhabitants of the area during the raids of the Wadai Empire.

Site Information

Country: Chad

District: Guéra Region

Category: Ancient Rock Workes

Site History: Old History

Oldest Culture: Old Chadians

Later Cultures: Old Chadians

Site Features: Old Chadians Monuments

UNESCO Tentative List

Official Name: The Curious Iron Mines of Télé-Nugar

Date of Submission: 2005

Exact Location

Elevation: 380 m

Weather In Site

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  • Wind:
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