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The Ruins of Ouara


The Ruins of Ouara

The Ruins of Ouara is an archaeological site located in Ouaddaï Region in the south-east of Chad. The site dates back to the era of the Wadai Empire, an African sultanate ruled the area to the east of Lake Chad between 1501–1912 AD. Among the most important monuments remaining at the site is the palace of Sultan Abdul Karim bin Djamé, which was built in the 16 century AD by Egyptian architects. The palace consisted of two floors, ground and upper, in addition to a mosque, a wall and a watchtower. Ouara was the capital of the Wadai Empire at that time, and the city was completely abandoned in the 19th century due to the drying up of wells and water resources.

Site Information

Country: Chad

District: Ouaddaï Region

Category: Historic Cities and Regions

Site History: 16th Century AD

Oldest Culture: Islamic

Later Cultures: Islamic

Site Features: Islamic Monuments

UNESCO Tentative List

Official Name: The Ruins of Ouara

Date of Submission: 2005

Exact Location

Elevation: 518 m

Weather In Site

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  • Wind:
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