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Zawiya of Sidi Mahrez


Zawiya of Sidi Mahrez

Zawiya of Sidi Mahrez is an Islamic Zawiya ( Islamic religious school or monastery) located in the old city of Tunis in Tunisia. The Zawiya houses the mausoleum of Sidi Mahrez ben Khalaf, an Islamic scholar who lived between 951 and 1022 AD. The oldest history of the zawiya dates back to the 15th century AD, during the reign of the Hafsid Sultan Abu 'Amr 'Uthman. As for the current building, it dates back mostly to the reign of the Husainid dynasty Beys, especially Al-Husayn I ibn Ali in the 18th century and Muhammad III as-Sadiq in the 19th century. The Zawiya of Sidi Mahrez was restored in the 1990s and it was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 as part of Medina of Tunis.

Site Information

Country: Tunisia

District: Tunis Governorate

Category: Mosques and Islamic Buildings

Site History: 15th Century AD

Oldest Culture: Islamic

Later Cultures: Islamic

Site Features: Islamic Monuments

World Heritage Site

Part of: Medina of Tunis

Date of Inscription: 1979

Exact Location

Elevation: 5 m

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