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Médine Fort (Mali)


Médine Fort (Mali)

Médine Fort, or Medina Fort, is a historic fortress located in the village of Médine on the banks of the Senegal River in the Kayes region in far western Mali. The village of Médine was historically significant as the furthest point of the Senegal River that can be reached by boat from Saint-Louis. The fort was built in 1855 AD by Louis Faidherbe, the French governor of Senegal, with the aim of strengthening French control of the Senegal River and establishing a military base for expansion into the African interior. One of the most important events in the history of the village was the siege of Medina Fort in 1857, when the French colonial forces were besieged by the forces of the Toucouleur Empire (founded by Omar Saidou Tall of the Toucouleur people of Senegal). The siege ended in vain after the success of the relief force led by the French governor, Louis Léon César Faidherbe, in lifting the siege and forcing the Toucouleur force to retreat.

Site Information

Country: Mali

District: Kayes Region

Category: Castles and Fortresses

Site History: 19th Century AD

Oldest Culture: French

Later Cultures: French

Site Features: French Monuments

UNESCO Tentative List

Official Name: The Fort of Médine

Date of Submission: 2009

Exact Location

Elevation: 43 m

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