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Tombs of the 99 Saints


Tombs of the 99 Saints

Tombs of the 99 Saints is a group of ancient tombs of the saints (Wali) located around Lake Madarounfa in the Maradi region of Niger. The oldest graves date back to ancient historical periods, while the most recent ones date back to the late last century. Among the most important shrines there is the shrine that evokes Usman dan Fodio, a Nigerian religious scholar and mystic of the Qadiriyya Sufi order. Graves and tombs are surrounded by low stone walls that ensure their durability, but some of them are submerged in the lake water. The tombs of the 99 saints are an attraction for Muslim pilgrims from Niger, northern Nigeria, Senegal and Mali, where ceremonies and donations are organized in this holy place.

Site Information

Country: Niger

District: Maradi Region

Category: Tombs and Necropolises

Site History: Old History

Oldest Culture: Islamic

Later Cultures: Islamic

Site Features: Islamic Monuments

UNESCO Tentative List

Part of: The Classified Forest, the Madarounfa Lake and the Tombs of the 99 Saints

Date of Submission: 2006

Approximate Location

Elevation: 356 m

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