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Hatta Archaeological Sites


Hatta Archaeological Sites

Hatta Archaeological Sites are a group of ancient archaeological remains located in the Hatta region of the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The ruins include several cemeteries dating back to the Bronze and Iron Ages, and the remains of settlement sites from the Islamic era that were designated for housing and agricultural activity, in addition to defensive purposes. The site also includes dozens of rock art paintings and inscriptions representing a group of animals, people, and other drawings, most of which date back to the Bronze Age. The archaeological sites of Hatta also provide an example of the Aflaj, an ancient water distribution system in the Arabian Peninsula, where the region has witnessed a range of agricultural practices since the Iron Age.

Site Information

Country: UAE

District: Emirate of Dubai

Category: Historic Cities and Regions

Site History: Second Millennium BC

Oldest Culture: Bronze Age

Later Cultures: Iron Age

Site Features: Bronze & Iron Ages Monuments

UNESCO Tentative List

Part of: Hatta Archaeological Landscape (Emirate of Dubai)

Date of Submission: 2023

Exact Location

Elevation: 362 m

Weather In Site

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