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Historic Villages in Bandiagara Escarpment


Historic Villages in Bandiagara Escarpment

Bandiagara Escarpment is an area of cliffs and sandy plateaus that includes a group of architectural features such as villages, houses, granaries, gathering places, and others. The area of the escarpment is located in Dogon country, a region of eastern Mali, in Mopti Region, populated mainly by the Dogon people. The villages of the Dogon country consist mainly of many granaries with thatched roofs, in addition to the houses, that is, the large family house, which was often composed of two level. The oldest history of the region dates back to the 11th century AD when it was inhabited by the Tellem people, before the arrival of the Dogon people in the 14th century AD.

Site Information

Country: Mali

District: Mopti Region

Category: Historic Cities and Regions

Site History: 11th Century AD

Oldest Culture: Tellem People

Later Cultures: Dogon People

Site Features: Dogon People Monuments

World Heritage Site

Part of: Cliff of Bandiagara (Land of the Dogons)

Date of Inscription: 1989

Exact Location

Elevation: 518 m

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