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Archaeological Site of Barogali


Archaeological Site of Barogali

Archaeological Site of Barogali is a Stone Age archaeological site located west of Gobaad, 30 km from Lake Abbe in the Dikhil Region of Djibouti. Fossilized remains of large mammals have been discovered at this site, especially the remains of elephants. The site is associated with the presence of a stone tools industry dating back to the Stone Age, as the site is considered one of the few butchering sites associated with the early Acheulean period in East Africa. (The Acheulean period is an archaeological industry of stone tool manufacture associated with the Lower Paleolithic that appeared in East Africa about 1.76 million years ago and last until 130 thousand years ago).

Site Information

Country: Djibouti

District: Dikhil Region

Category: Historic Cities and Regions

Site History: Lower Paleolithic Age

Oldest Culture: Lower Paleolithic Age

Later Cultures: Middle Paleolithic Age

Site Features: Paleolithic Age Monuments

UNESCO Tentative List

Part of: Lake Abbe (its cultural landscape, its natural monuments and its ecosystem)

Date of Submission: 2015

Approximate Location

Elevation: 375 m

Weather In Site

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